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The annual budget for advisee meals is $55 per student each year. Your gift can help support this special Pomfret tradition.
Necessary for most math and science classes, the TI-85 can be a significant expense for some families and teachers. A gift of $125 can provide a calculator for someone in need.
Help keep our teams charged! Your gift of $160 can provide meals for one of our teams when they are traveling to an away game this year.
The average cost of costumes for a production at Pomfret is $250 per play. With three productions happening each year, your gift of $250 will help make one production come alive.
Help a club or team get to an away event. The average cost for school bus transportation is $500 per trip. With monthly giving you could support travel with a contribution of $42 per month.
Some students spend up to $700 per year on textbooks. Your gift can offset this expense for some deserving families with a one time contribution or a monthly gift of $59.
A laptop computer is a necessary tool for every member of the Pomfret community. Your gift of $1,300 (or monthly contribution of $109 could buy a computer for a faculty member or a student in need.
The average financial aid award for a student at Pomfret is $28,500 per year. Forty percent of the student body at Pomfret receives some level of financial aid. For a total gift of $28,500 or a monthly gift of $2,375 you could make the Pomfret experience possible for one individual who could not otherwise attend Pomfret School.
Each year Pomfret teachers participate in faculty enrichment opportunities to stay current in their field and to bring passion to the classroom. Your gift of $2,000 can make this possible for a faculty member this year.
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Pomfret School cultivates a healthy interdependence of mind, body, and spirit in its students as it prepares them for college and to lead and learn in a diverse and increasingly interconnected society.

Pomfret School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin in the administration of its education policies, admissions policies, financial aid, or other programs administered by the School.