Arts Program


Every student can benefit from the experience of creating art. The creative thinking skills acquired by making art can be used throughout one’s life and are crucial to a 21st century education. Pomfret School provides a compelling and comprehensive arts program in which students can use their imagination, discover a passion, and gain an appreciation of how the arts enrich and give meaning to life.
The Fine Arts curriculum is designed to give all students at Pomfret a hands-on experience in the creative process. All students are required to participate. Courses and programs in ceramics, dance, music, painting and drawing, photography, and theater are offered to maximize the creative potential of each student. There are also many opportunities for students to share their natural and acquired skills at performances, exhibits, concerts, readings, plays, musicals, and chapel services. Visual art is displayed throughout the campus and at the P.S. Art Gallery in nearby Putnam, CT as a public celebration of the creative spirit. Many of these offerings are requirements of the Fine Arts curriculum.
Digital Arts, Technology, and Design offers students an opportunity to express themselves while being visionaries. Project-based, student-centered design assignments teach process, problem solving, and creative thinking along with integrating industry standard software and technology.
The curriculum consists of courses that focus on design, composition, color, movement and audio. Student ideas flourish in the Digital Arts by being translated into 2-D and 3-D imagery and interactive compositions, including motion graphics and sound. Industry standard design software and technology nurture student innovation and exploration, yielding all types of digital media. The design process and methodology are long term life skills students will utilize beyond the courses.

Pomfret is a place where each student can begin and strengthen a life-long connection to the arts.
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