Financing Pomfret

We recognize that the cost of an independent school education is significant and that many families will make sacrifices to have their child attend Pomfret School. Therefore, we make every effort, within the parameters of school resources, to assist admitted families with the commitments involved in financing Pomfret’s tuition. The assistance comes in the form of flexible payment plans or parent loans.
In addition, Pomfret offers need-based financial aid, which is determined by a family’s demonstrated financial need and the merit of the applicant (which) is determined by the Admissions Committee. In order to objectively assess a family’s demonstrated financial need, Pomfret, as do most independent schools, subscribes to the School and Student Services (SSS) administered by NAIS to process financial aid applications. Pomfret School's subscriber code number is 5842. Instructions on how to apply for financial aid are available on the SSS website.
Funding for our need-based financial aid program is supported through the generous contributions of our alumni. However, despite this level of support, requests for financial aid typically exceed available funds, and awards are made to only a percentage of accepted students. You should be aware that every year there are applicants who are accepted to Pomfret who qualify for but do not receive financial aid.

For questions pertaining to need based financial aid, please contact 
Rebecca Brooks
Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid

For questions pertaining to financing plans, please contact the Business Office at 860-963-5614

2017-2018 TUITION

Tuition $59,400
General Fee $890
International Fee $2,500

Tuition $39,370
General Fee $580


To begin your application for Financial Aid go to the SSS website.
School Code: 5842
Financial Aid Application Deadline:

February 1 for new families
February 15 for returning families


Pomfret Distinguished Scholar Awards

Established in 2009 by a devoted alumnus and past parent of the School (who chooses to remain anonymous), the purpose of the Pomfret Distinguished Scholar Awards fund is to attract outstanding scholars to Pomfret School. These merit scholarships are given annually to applicants with proven potential to make a substantial contribution to the School through academic excellence, leadership in curricular and co-curricular activities, and service to the Pomfret community.
  • Candidates are selected by Pomfret’s Admissions Committee, no further application is required.
  • Financial need is not a requirement in the selection process.
  • Awards are reviewed each year to ensure recipients are meeting the criteria upon which the award is given.
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