Project: Pomfret 3.0

Project: Pomfret 3.0 was a challenging learning experience for students and teachers, pushing each of us to stretch our understanding of knowledge and collaboration. Each project in this third iteration of the successful two-and-a-half week project-based learning experience emphasized two valuable objectives. The first was the inclusion of student voice and choice. Learning that builds upon student choice and values and incorporates student voice allowed students to take ownership of their experience and shape it in a manner that utilizes and celebrates their unique perspective. This initiative was already in progress as projects were designed around student ideas. Additionally, each project had a Student Consultant that had worked with the project leaders to design a meaningful experience for their peers. The second initiative for Project: Pomfret 3.0 was that all projects had a lasting impact beyond the members of the project team or the confines of the two-and-a-half week project experience. The Project: Pomfret Palooza on December 16, 2015 was an exciting fair to see how each project team collaborated to create a lasting contribution to the Pomfret community.


Ballistics and Pomfret
How can we use ballistics to improve the Pomfret School community?
Students participating will brainstorm, design, and test ballistic devices in order to help Pomfret School, including the possibilities of T-Shirt launchers for the gym, lacrosse ball cannons for the field, and hockey puck launchers for the rink. They’ll practice the engineering design cycle as they calculate, troubleshoot, and follow the best safety practices for making objects move at high speeds.

Engineering for Social Good
How can the principles of engineering (ideation, design, prototyping, and implementation) be harnessed to achieve a social good?
Engineers solve problems by fashioning solutions tailored to meet specific design constraints. In Engineering for a Social Good, students will explore the engineering cycle (inquiry, imagine, plan, create, test/evaluate, improve, implement) and build solution strategies, devices, and prototypes that offer a social benefit. Students will build capacity through teamed challenges (e.g. design a crosswalk that better serves the School community) and then embark on a personal engineering project that makes the world a better place.

Into the Woods
What local forest resources from the Pomfret campus can be used to make tools, furniture, or art?
We will be using forest materials from the Pomfret campus to make art, furniture, and tools.

Treehouse Masters in the Making
Is building a tree house child's play?
The group will build a tree house from start to finish. The Project will identify the type of tree, locate an area on campus with said tree, speak to the CFO about possible insurance and safety issues, design the tree house using CAD design, build it with materials from the salvage yard in Brooklyn as well as the local Lowes and ensure that the house will last for years to come.

Words in Motion
How can the media of language, movement, and graphics be fused together to more effectively convey a theme to a community?
Words in Motion will attempt to fuse dance, poetry and motion graphics so as to convey and accentuate a common theme. All movement choreography, graphic design, and poetry writing will be envisioned and executed by students who will collaborate to produce a culminating performance.

99 Problems But a Story Ain’t One of Them
How can we raise community awareness to current social ills or political problems through Hip Hop music?
In this course students will learn about the origin and evolution of the Hip Hop genre and will study and practice the art and science of writing and producing Hip Hop songs. Our focus this year will involve creating original Hip Hop songs that raise community awareness to current social ills or political problems

Happy & Healthy on the Hilltop
How can we make Pomfret happier and healthier?
In this project, students will identify and explore key health and wellness-related issues with the ultimate goal of improving the overall Pomfret experience in a meaningful way. Topics will vary according to interest and may include sleep studies, relationships, the teenage brain, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and emotional intelligence. After delving into their topics more deeply and conducting the appropriate research, students will serve as consultants for the school and publicly present their findings and recommendations.

Activism within the LGBT Movement
What has the LGBTQ movement accomplished for gay rights and how should this activism evolve after marriage equality?
What has the LGBT movement accomplished and how should this activism evolve after marriage equality? This project delves into the history of LGBT rights and anticipates the legal and social issues ahead.

Conversations On Understanding Racial And Gendered Experiences
How can males and females together create greater mutual understanding through conversations on race and gender?
Through the experience of this project we aim to offer students enriching opportunities to see and practice the art of conversation. Focused on the essential topics of race and gender, we will dare to move into speaking and listening honestly and respectfully about issues that can seem too hard and are often avoided with adolescents in the context of their learning and growth. We believe that males and females of different colors and cultures stand much to gain from entering into these fierce conversations together. Not only will students develop greater skill for and appreciation of this type of group process and conversation, but they will also work collaboratively to create programming for our school community to be implemented during the winter Q.U.E.S.T. program on gender issues.

Food and Community
What is good food and how does it affect a sense of community?
Food and Community introduces students to some of the foundations of cooking
while also exploring the relationship between food and communities across the globe.
Through research, technology and collaboration, students will build recipes, menus, and instructional videos.  

Traditional Clothing and Modern Fashion
Can modern clothing have influences from traditional cultures?
In this project, we will explore how traditional clothing influence modern fashion design within various cultures and eras. We will visit museums, textile collections, art school fashion design classes, and experience hands-on outfit making projects.

Gol: A Global Passion
What is about fútbol that unites, divides, and invigorates communities around the world?
We will study the origins and global widespread of the sport and its multiple socioeconomic facets.

An Interactive Art Installation on Campus
How can we develop an idea from a concept into an interactive sculpture/art installation, with a genuine message that encourages debate?
We will explore every component in the production of a piece of art, which will ultimately be created in a collaborative effort between students and two faculty. The finish piece will be displayed on campus.

How do we create an entrepreneurial mindset, a chance to exercise leadership and collaboration, learn about intelligent risk-taking, financial literacy and effective business models through creating and selling our own works of art?
Students will learn about financial literacy and effective business models through creating our own Pomfret Etsy shop featuring their own handmade creations ranging from handmade jewelry, knitted hats and scarves, hand designed sneakers, paintings, belts, bags and more.

Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Marketplace
How can you use entrepreneurship to enhance the quality of life and make the world a better place?
This project will introduce students to the concepts and skills of entrepreneurship and help them understand how they can be used to make the world a better place. Students will learn how to generate ideas, do market research, develop a business plan, and pitch ideas to investors.

Communications, Connections, and Careers from the Hilltop
How can Pomfret students learn more about and increase connections to Pomfret alumnae?
The goal of the project is to engage with Pomfret alumnae, to hear their story and share those of the current students. We hope their connections will improve our Pomfret School Women’s History Month display as well as help with potential college insight and career opportunities. 

Building a Website for the Aquaponic Greenhouse Project
How can we design and build a website to tell the story of the aquaponic solar greenhouse project and raise money to fund its construction?
The group will take the approach of a marketing firm to build a weebly website to tell the story of the passive solar aquaponic and organic soil-bed greenhouse project with an eye toward attracting the attention of and informing potential donors and interested parties about the project. The group will also add a crowd-source funding page to the website to solicit donations of time, materials and cash to support the students' construction of the greenhouse, aquaponics systems, and community outreach. The website will be a work in progress so the final product from the students must be a framework that allows “room to grow.”

Teaching the Kids Next Door
How can an elementary-aged students most effectively learn about science?Education is one of the most important factors living a fruitful and successful life. It is especially critical that young students get a good start by establishing a love of learning and basic skills. But this is a more complicated prospect than at first glance.

Come help us explore elementary aged minds as we create lessons to teach Rectory second and third graders about sound. Pomfret students on our team will have the opportunity to teach different topics such as math, writing, science and more! Students will be asked to research content, learn about childhood development, and elementary school teaching strategies. They will also collaborate with veteran teachers and the students themselves to understand what makes for effective learning in a classroom and a lesson plan.

Mass Transporation: Where have we been? Where are we headed
What is the future of transportation? Where have we been? Where are we going? How do we get there?
We will review major developments in rail, air and sea transportation with a focus on passenger service. We will research past efforts in mass transportation and their successes and failures. Students will also research current and future developments, focusing especially on rail and air transportation. Field trips and speakers will enhance our knowledge of these critical elements to our national infrastructure. Our hands-on project will be a re-creation of the famous Airline Trail established by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad that ran through Pomfret and Putnam.

Write a Play from Scratch!
What can theater do that no other art form can?
Students will put their imaginations and life experience to work in constructing an original piece of theater in two and a half weeks! Extreme collaboration, cooperation, and communication will be practiced as we put our heads together to discover what only live theater can do to entertain, challenge and inspire a community.

The Science of Sleep and The Art of Dreaming
How can we explore sleep and dreams at Pomfret in order to help us better understand ourselves and our community?
In this project, we will learn contemporary scientific theories concerning dreaming and sleeping as well as their historical and cultural importance. Our goal is to find a way to examine and improve the health of the Pomfret community through our studies.

The Crafts and Culture behind Gift Giving
How can creating culturally traditional gifts transform the materialism of gift giving?
Students will evaluate various cultures associated with gift giving from around the world. Throughout the Project Pomfret period, students will research the history of gift giving for different religious and societal celebrations & holidays. Throughout their PP 3.0 experience, they will create gifts to give with the help of faculty and guest artisans. We hope through this 2.5 week process students will not only take the time to learn the science, history and art behind many different crafts, but also be able to emotionally connect to the gifts that they will give, so that they come from the heart and not just from their wallets.

Profiles in Effective Leadership: Past, Present, and Future
How can statistics and data analysis be used to build a successful sports team?
Students will explore models of effective leadership in sports, business, politics, and social/humanitarian fields. From there, they will construct a final project that will focus on the effective leadership of someone they admire, or their own leadership approach to a current challenge/problem that they value.

Learning about history through movies and the fine arts, such as music, painting, sculpture, and architecture.
How can a work of art teach us history?
Students will consider an artistic medium that interests them as well as investigate a medium that they know little about to discover the inherent historical information contained within.

3D Design: Tangible and Virtual
Can the integration of the tangible and virtual design worlds occur successfully using hands on fabrication techniques that will be translated and revised into the digital world of SolidWorks?
Integration of real and virtual design worlds through the use of hands on fabrication and the use of the SolidWorks program, which is a 3D modeler.

Pomfret Skills (#PS )
What skills will you need that you cannot find in a classroom?
Pomfret Skills will supplement the academic curriculum by incorporating and applying useful practices to everyday circumstances. The skills learned during #PS (such as: budgeting, navigation, emergency preparedness, etiquette) will be necessary outside of the classroom environment in order to have full participation in everyday life.

The Power of Story: Learning from our Elders
How do the stories of the past shape our lives today?
In her November 13, 2013 article in the Chicago Tribune, "Older Generation has Inspiring Stories to Tell," Mary Schmich states, "At some point in life, if you're lucky enough to know an old person well, you recognize that that person's stories are the closest you can come to time travel." During this project students will travel back in time through the stories of local senior citizens. They will learn how to give a successful interview, how to write a captivating biography, and how to display a life story in a multi-media fashion. Then, they will reflect on how the stories of yesterday impact today.
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